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This is combined with their ability to stick to a well thought out organised routine.

Cusp of Leo and Virgo Love Life

However, although the Virgo side of their nature can make them want to keep their own company at times, Leo and Virgo cusps are friendly and sociable. This means that they love to have fun and live life with enthusiasm , throwing themselves into whatever they choose to do. Those born on the Cusp of Leo Virgo are natural leaders.

August 22 Zodiac Cusp

Their administrative prowess helps ensure that their projects are successful. This means that they are one of the most caring Zodiac sign combinations. However, the influence of Virgo, will make the Leo side of this combo more curious about others, including those from other cultures or countries. Find out about Leo-Virgo Cusp Compatibility.

The Leo/Virgo Cusp

Communication is one of the Leo-Virgo Cusp Sign strengths. This means that any career which requires talking to and providing services to others will provide a lot of satisfaction. Click here to find out your true Sun Sign Opens another page on this website. These two Cusp signs are pretty complex. Hi Beverly. I m leovirgo cusp female.. Hi, as both you and your partner were born on the Cusp, this makes it more likely that you are compatible as Cuspers tend to get along with each other pretty well — although it should be said some more than others!

Sadly I have had relationships, but never love. Yet, I have been drawn to the Aquarius sign some reason on two separate occasions. The first relationship left me wondering how I got there? Now, I am currently attracted to another Aquarius. The Aquarius sign can be hard to read. They are not really demonstrative when it comes to emotions. If your balance is thrown out of whack, you can become overly sensitive or dramatic and aggressive.

To flip-flop between these moods can make you a difficult friend and family member to get along with. But when you exert the better parts of your Cancer-Leo influences, you are a wonderful person to have around. You're a passionate romantic who needs attention and patience from your partner.

You have a lot of love to offer and it's important that you pick the right person to avoid bringing out your extra emotional or flaring dramatic sides.

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Earth signs will help you stay grounded and be your rock when you start to feel off balance. Water signs are also a natural fit for you. They will understand your sensitivities and support your dreams and ambitions. You may not always be able to reciprocate their needy tendencies, but you'll find it easy to cheer them up. Stay balanced and use your powers of persuasion for good! You'll have to work harder than most to not get swept up in petty drama or meaningless gossip.

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If you fall victim to this narrow-minded way of life, it may bring out the negative extremes of your personality. Don't use your powerful skills for selfish endeavors.

Leo cusp with other signs

If you start convincing others to do things out of greed, then you'll likely ruin your reputation and miss out on what you need for a fulfilling life -- to devote your time to helping others. By Tarot. Astrology , Cancer , Cusp , Leo. Think of the oscillating fan, who is stationary yet never in the same position; you are constantly reevaluating your viewpoints and ethical components, which is a great thing.

While you might physically stay in the same location, you have an amazing ability to transform and transport yourself. You are not bound by your physical or local limitations; your mind is able to move through time and space. While water, which is the element of the sign of Cancer, and fire, the element associated with Leo, are opposites, these two elements come together to create an incredibly enchanting and intriguing individual. When your fire gets a little too hot, your watery side helps control the burn.

are cancer/leo cusp compatible with pisces? | Lipstick Alley

When your watery elements prove uncomfortable or cold, your fiery side warms you to the core. You might tend to swing like a pendulum, but this is what makes you such an enchanting person, and although it may not seem like it at times, this is one way that you make sure you remain balanced in some way.

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While Leo is associated with the Sun and represented by masculine energy, the reverse is true for Cancer, which possesses an air of femininity and is ruled by the Moon. There are certain areas that deserve your attention, however, and your emotional identifications and reactions are a good place to start your observation. The Cancer aspect of your chart encourages deep emotions and feelings; Cancerians experiences their feelings in the core of their being. Cancers are prone to jealousy and mood swings, and these tendencies coupled with the fiery and impulsive aspects of the Leo can potentially create a recipe for emotional disaster.