Astrology of 16 november

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  1. How The November 2018 Full Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
  2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)
  3. How Venus Going Direct In Libra Affects Each Zodiac Sign Starting On November 16, 2018
  4. November 16 Birthday Astrology Profile
  5. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Not only does Venus turn direct today, but it spent its entire retrograde period in communication with every planet and the Sun for the last 40 days. Today, Mercury, now in Sagittarius for the past week, turns retrograde, contracts, agreements, commitments may come back for review. This is an opportunity to break free from restrictions from the past and to have you heart align with your work.

Let's not forget that Uranus in Aries squares the nodes today and Venus, opening a new phase of love. Just a month ago, Chiron went retrograde then re-entered Pisces, and weaknesses can become great strengths or sources of wisdom.

How The November 2018 Full Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The universe is making prime opportunities and celestial offerings on a karmic scale. The re-emphasizes that was about restructuring, recalibration, rediscovering things about yourself, your relationships, career, what you love and what brings you pain in order to prepare for a powerful of growth, planting and harvesting. Aries, the 7th house of the zodiac is your love and relationship space, but it's also the place that marks career, networking and business opportunities. If you started a new relationship or just met someone, gradually over the next year and throughout , you will learn what your heart really wants to encounter in a loving relationship.

There can be a type of lifting of the veil, so to speak, and you will see areas of your life where you may have compromised for the sake of survival, or have accepted less than you deserved because you didn't really know any better. This is a great time to reset your standards and to also be honest and forthright in the area of love. Say what you mean and mean what you say is a great rule of thumb for this time. Taurus, Venus becomes direct and visible in the area of your work and also your health. If you work in the health care industry or wanted to start a health and wellness business, this can be a time of prosperity and growth.

You may see partnerships that went wrong start to improve.

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You will start to feel better, too. You may start to feel as though you have air to breathe and new vitality. This is a wonderful time to think about areas of self care.

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Take time to meditate. Think about the things you want to do in and start moving towards more balance and clarity in the area of work and health. Gemini, when Venus turns direct and becomes visible in you romance and happiness.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

If there were some hardships you've endured in the area of love and romance, you will start to see improvements. Things can start to feel more like they used to do, or you may start to think with greater clarity and less bothered by circumstances that you can't control. You may find that you are more open to exploring the world in a new way.

You may be invited to more activities and parties.

Venus is associated to the element of air, so the natural talents you possess that are often expressed in your ability to move freely can open up for you to use as well. Note, Mercury, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your 7th house so, if you may realize something about a relationship that needs working on but this can come to a happy closure. Cancer, Venus is visible and direct in your 4th house this brings improvement in the area of family, authority figures, property, and how you engage or feel around people who are related to you.

During Venus retrograde topics related to relocation or a need for distance or space could have come up. There could have been talk that led to disagreements or differences in opinion.

Now, that Venus turns direct, those problems can begin to show opportunity for new growth but it may require some additional effort on your part. Leo, Venus now becomes visible and direct in your 3rd house.

How Venus Going Direct In Libra Affects Each Zodiac Sign Starting On November 16, 2018

If you had problems with your car or transportation in general, you may find a new set of wheels or start finding a friend to car pool with. Problems in the area of communication will also start to settle. You may have a new way of addressing issues that are kinder and considerate. If you work in the field of writing or media, this can be a time when you start to see improvements in the amount of work that you receive. You may get new clients or find that you meet people who need what you have to offer.

You can have new opportunities in the area of finances, possessions and things that you own. You may start deciding to collect items and invest in things that bring beauty into the home. You may find that you are able to get what you need easier than before.

You might have an ability to accumulate money or belongings that have value. This may mean that you receive more recognition. This can make you stand out from the crowd more. You may find it easier to be heard, find new joy in projects that you work on. If you have struggled with success in your work related projects, you may start attracting people that can help you to improve, or find a solution that you can implement. This is a positive time for Libra since Venus turning direct is a type of rebirth of your ruling planet that has symbolic meaning for you.

In a sense, this is like a mini-new year for your zodiac sign. You may find this next year to be a true path of intimate discovery. You may have a close relationship that forms and it helps you to rediscover things about yourself. You may fall in love with someone and take on a lover.

November 16 Birthday Astrology Profile

You can find that your intimate life feels renewed or restored after a time of not feeling as attractive. This can also be a time when you find more joy and pleasure in sensual activities that tantalize your senses. From going on long walks, enjoying wine events, cooking and travel Sagittarius, Venus turns direct and visible for you in the 11th house.

The door opens for you in the area of friendships. You may meet people who have influence and can help you to make your life or work projects more profitable and beautiful. You can meet people who are truly supportive influences in your life. This can be a time when you are able to clear debts and rebuild an improved structure for your career. You can also find that networking opportunities that open up opportunities to facilitate your goals.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

There are times you seem to at a loss as to where to direct your energy and often drift along rather than making arriving at decisions. You have a lazy side to you and seem to lack the initiative, the enterprise and the determination to achieve your goals. They have some unusual ideas about parenting. They don't believe in forcing their children to accept their views of life but encourage them to form their own opinions and find their own values. Health November 16 natives are not health conscious. They don't like to feel they must maintain a strict diet or exercise routine to stay healthy.

They prefer an esoteric approach, surrounding themselves with beautiful objects and beautiful thoughts. It's important they get enough exercise. They may prefer working for themselves or where they can be semi-independent.